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Friday, November 22, 2013

Gratitude Challenge Day 22

My church choir combined with other choirs in our area last night to sing for the end of the church year Mass. When I told my director I could sing and play flute a couple of weeks ago it seemed like a nice idea. However, as yesterday wore on which was a busy day, and the rain fell as did the temperatures outside, I really didn't feel like getting myself ready, making an early dinner for my family and getting myself to church by 5:30 for rehearsal….

But I am not one to back out of a commitment so I got myself ready, made a nice dinner for my family which I gobbled down in 5 minutes and rushed out the door so I wouldn't be too late. 

I was truly not prepared for the experience I had at church last night. I wish I had pictures to share from last night.

Musically, the experience was so nice as the choir sounded excellent and the pianist was fantastic. I was able to add to the music with my flute. I am always amazed when I play flute at church as how something kind of takes over and leads me to improvise freely and enhance the sound much better then I could do if I was actually thinking or planning it.

But the impact of being near the alter with the choir and in such close proximity of 2 Bishops, around 20 priests, a couple of deacons, the alter servers and all of the Knights and women of the knights that were there in their uniforms while they prepared the alter and said mass. WOW! Truly amazing!

It was a beautiful mass with a beautiful message from our Bishop. The Mass usually moves me in ways I don't expect but last night was extra special. I was so glad that I said yes to being there. 

So today I am thankful for the many ways God works in my life and in all of our lives! We just need to be present to realize it sometimes.

What are you thankful for today?

Have a great day!!

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