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Monday, November 4, 2013

Gratitude Challenge Day 4

Yesterday I talked about how I am thankful for my oldest child, Andrew. And today I would like to focus on my youngest, Benjamin who is 3.

Today I am so very thankful for my sweet, loving, smart, funny, caring boy, Benjamin.

Benjamin is always surprising us. That is exactly how he came into this world in August of 2010, six weeks before his due date. My labor came on fast and hard and we almost didn't make it to the hospital on time! He was born less then 20 minutes after arriving at the hospital and was quickly rushed off to the NICU where he spent the first 19 days of his life the first 7 of which were on a ventilator to breathe. He was really sick but we had faith in God's plan and that he would be ok and he was.

So he had a very rough start in life but is now a very healthy little boy. 

He did have one more rough patch when he was 13 months old where his lungs got very sick again and he spent 11 days at Riley Childrens in Indy. 

But he bounced back from that too and since then has been very healthy, surprising his doctors who predicted he would be asthmatic and in and out of the ER when he got sick. We are so thankful that has not been the case.

Benjamin loves to play and he looks up to his big brother Andrew. Benjamin is sweet, handsome, caring, smart, and so funny. He loves sports, books and loves to socialize. We love him very much and cannot picture our lives without him in it. We are so grateful to God for entrusting us to be his parents. He is truly a gift in our lives.

Thanks for reading. What are you thankful for today? Have you been keeping up with the challenge? It's never too late to join in. 

Have a great day!!


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