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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gratitude Challenge Day14

My friend Kelly came over today for a quick impromptu lunch on her break from work today. I don't get to see Kelly too often any more because she moved about an hour away but still works in my town for a few more months. So she came over and I treated her to a quick Shaklee 180 lunch. It was fun and easy and great to meet up with her today!

I got to catch up with her a bit and hear what is new with her family. We shared a smoothee that she chose (raspberry, banana, vanilla smoothee) and we also shared my favorite peanut butter chocolate chip meal bar. Both were very good! We also had some pomegranate energizing tea mixed with lemon Performance hydration drink and the juice from half of a lime. So good and cleansing! Kelly also enjoyed the sea salt snack crisps with hummus with me. And a few fruits and veggies. Very filling, very tasty,  and quick so we could enjoy our conversation before she had to go back to work. Would love to have more of you join me in a Shaklee 180 lunch sometime too! So easy and fun:)

So today I am thankful for good friends, good conversations and quick impromptu lunches. 

What are you thankful for today?

Have a great day!


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