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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gratitude Challenge Day 21

I have had some interesting jobs in my life. My very first was in high school as my summer job working at a factory near my house. I was making $6 an hour which was top dollar back then and for a kid I got some nice pay checks! But it was HARD manual labor! I even had to wear steal toed shoes and be there by 6:30am  :)

I also worked as a pet sitter for my flute teacher and helped her file music for some extra money too. I had a 2 week stint in high school as a janitoress in the Mayor's office. I didn't realize that was the job when I took it.  A lot less glamor then I thought so that didn't last too long. lol 

 I held a few different bank teller jobs in college and also taught flute lessons, which I still do, and lead music classes for toddlers and babies in grad school, which I also still do occasionally. 

I went to college in Iowa for music therapy and worked for the state of california for three years as a rehab/music therapist. That was probably the most interesting job I ever had as the unit I was assigned to with men who had autism and behavioral issues kept me on my toes. Imagine the worst tantrum that your two year old has had. And then imagine that in a 40 year old 200 lb grown man! Yep, life was pretty interesting then but I loved it! 

In 2006 my husband and I moved to San Diego where I opened my Waterways Music Services business. I knew at that point that I would never work a J.O.B again. I absolutely LOVED working for myself. The flexibility, no ceiling on my income, being my own boss, tax benefits and everything that came with it. My office was my car and it was really fun. 

In 2008 we moved to Indiana and I moved Waterways with me. But I was also 6 months pregnant with our oldest child and knew I would be starting another career very soon - MOM.  the best and at times hardest "job" I have ever had. I knew that I wanted to stay home with my kids so I slowly built Waterways again around our family schedule. 

In 2010 I added more health and wellness options to Waterways through the natural nutrition products that Shaklee makes. These are products that I grew up with and we were using and loving in our home and gaining great health benefits from, so it was an easy transition and very enjoyable and an easy merger  with music therapy as they both work in wellness and helping people.

Today I am doing a lot more with the natural nutrition part of my business and really loving it. It doesn't take me out of the home so I have complete flexibility with my schedule and that has been so great with my young family. I was recently promoted in my Shaklee business so the extra income has also been nice and I am thankful for all of that!!

So today I am thankful for my work and the flexibility it gives me with my family.

What are you thankful for today?

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